Welcome to Commercial Business Services CBS GmbH

Your specialists for business training programmes and business workshop/seminar production

Corporate History

Founded in 1996

2000: New corporate headquarters established in Schoeneck outside of Frankfurt/Main near Hanau

Sales force presentation and negotiation training: creating and delivering impact presentations

Job-specific language training tailor made for your needs

German business language and culture training for visiting business people

Customized training workshops and seminars for your specific workforce needs and workplace environment

CBS Team

Our staff and independent seminar and workshop instructors possess a high-level of educational background and continued training within their fields of expertise. Our independent language instructors are native or near native language speakers who have both lived and worked in the target language countries.

Qualitaetssiegel (Weiterbildung Hessen e. V.)

This independent auditing organisation examines our company periodically as a quality control audit of the services we provide.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  info@cbs-gmbh.org